BEAUTY ESSENTIALS Hydrating Silky Floral Cream - 50g

Vendor : Natural Care
₹ 495
Uber hydrating Neck, Hands and Feet cream. You best bet to ward off dehydration and moisturise your skin. colour, correct, repair.
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 This all-in-one organic cream will provide instant coverage and clarity to the skin, while helping to repair, refine and hydrate the complexion. With natural sun filters to aid in protecting the skin; the ultimate pigmentation treatment, this cream helps to deliver intense anti-ageing skin brightening benefits. The product is designed to achieve a uniform skin tone by lightening uneven areas and dark spots. The active ingredients aid in reducing tyrosine, which produces pigments in the skin. It will help to brighten the overall complexion, by lightening sun damaged skin. Skin type: most skin types especially pigmented
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